Why You Need to Organize Your Office

Why You Need to Organize Your Office

It’s no secret that I love organization. Between owning an organization business to my general OCD ways, I love a good, clean environment. But my obsession with organization is not solely about aesthetics, though that is certainly a part of it; no, I have found organization essential in running an effective and profitable business.

Organization falls within two major groups—structural organization and visual organization.

Structural Organization

What I mean by structural organization are the actual systems and processes developed to help you and your business run smoothly. From your SOPs to your website architecture, structure and organization can mean all the difference in how efficiently your business runs, with or without your direct involvement. This includes calendar and filing systems, sales structures, client acquisitions and journeys, and so much more.

The more you can organize and systemize your day-to-day operations, the better. Not only will this help your company run smoother, but it will also allow you the opportunity to delegate more, sooner, giving you the freedom to think bigger and get more done, faster. Moreover, having your day (and priorities) well organized will provide you more time and creativity to produce better and more profitable solutions throughout all aspects of your company structure.

Visual Organization

This is the pretty stuff—the Pinterest boards and the Container Store geek-out. And though there is definitely a hint (okay, a massive amount, at least on my part) of OCD in there, too, there is also a lot of logic and psychology behind the benefits of keeping your office environment tidy. Here are just a few of the proven ways organization can benefit your office (even if it’s just a home office):

    • Professionalism: Having a well-maintained and organized office will only accentuate your professionalism and convey to clients and customers your company’s ability to do the job they are hiring you for, well.
    • Company Morale and Effectiveness: Did you know that a well-organized office is a happy office? Studies have shown that as much as 80% of people agree an organized space improved work performance! And, with the clear mental energy cleanliness and organization provide, employees enjoy more focused and punctual work habits. Whoo!
    • Focus: When you aren’t worried about where everything is and why you can’t find anything, you’d be amazed by your enhanced ability to accomplish more of the things that truly need your attention.

Organization can look very different to different people—not everyone color-codes their closet—and although it may not be your passion (or even just a skill), it is an essential habit to adopt in some fashion.

Quick Pro Tips to get more organized, today:
Tackle your inbox: Did you know as much as a third of the average work day is spent checking emails? How dismal! Because of this, it’s so important to get a hold of your inbox. My favorite way is through archived folders, which as still accessible, but not in your inbox. If you can, try to get hyper-specific with these folders, but if that’s too overwhelming, simply make a folder labeled, “ARCHIVE 2022” and send everything to that folder. This will keep the inbox clear, and your mind less stressed.

Prioritize: Make a list of all your tasks and figure out which items are most pressing and which are the least important. Try to get those bigger items crossed off your list first thing in the morning, at least in some manner. I’ve written a ton on these types of skills in my article on boosting productivity.

Clean off your desk: Don’t let that stack of papers overflow to the floor! No matter if it is a home office or a desk in a cubicle, make it a point to clean off your desk every night before finishing your work. That way you know where everything is and you aren’t setting your next day up for chaos.

Adjust your desktop: Even your desktop could use a little organization. Obviously, folders can make all the difference, but you might also create a desktop background (I like to use Canva for this) that will give you a visual place to set folders for specific projects. Need some ideas? Just type in “desktop organization wallpaper” into your google search bar.

Want more step-by-step processes for implementing any of the above? Check out my article on Office Organization HERE.

How do you feel about organizing? What do you like and dislike the most? Let me know in the comments!

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