About Amanda

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch, but on its own wings.” –unknown
Amanda Furgiuele

I have been an entrepreneur since before I knew that was a thing. I was the kid with the side-by-side lemonade stand and carwash. I remember calculating ways to make more money at the stand by selling candy and friendship bracelets—always about being a hustler, always striving to maximize time and increase profits, even before I could do math. But it was more than a hustle for me. Business is in my bones. I love working and, more importantly, I love working on work and helping others meet their potential.

I have never been one to shy away from work, turn down a challenge, or live a life ordinarily. I started my first “official” business while I was still in college and continued on a rampage of founding, running, buying, and selling multiple businesses over the next couple of decades. From television production to Pilates, pole dancing, burlesque, costuming, music management, retail, ghost writing, journalism, translation, podcasting, marketing, and even a commercial fishing business, I have literally done it all and accumulated incredible insights and expertise that I now use in my consulting, coaching, and other businesses every single day.

I have had the privilege to work with many international celebrities and multi-million-dollar companies including the Travel Channel, VH1, MTV, Four Seasons Resorts, ESPN, and Forbes, across 15 different countries, but I truly believe that everyone has the capacity for greatness in their field.  Sometimes you just need help getting there.

I don’t really do tough love…it’s more like tough sh*t. I am most definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.  I’m more like a shot of whiskey.  Sometimes my ideas and sentiments are going to burn a bit, but the finish is smooth. Ha! I am tenacious in the face of adversity, will always tell you the (sometimes unpleasant) truth, and I get results. If you’re tired of reaching and never quite grasping, I would love to connect with you.

What do I do?

Business Process Improvement

One of my favorite things to do! I love examining how a business currently operates and making recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Leadership Coaching

Sometimes you just need an outsider! I collaborate with C-Suite and other senior managers to enhance leadership skills and approaches.

Culture and HR

A business is more than just its leaders.  I work side-by-side with HR and leadership to deliver changes in attitude, morale, and culture throughout a business.

Strategy Planning

Together, we develop strategies for your business to grow or navigate changing environments, regulations, and compliance to provide scalable results.

Branding and Public Relations

Managing how a brand or individuals are perceived by customers and in the wider marketplace can be tricky, but I’m here to help!

Social Media Marketing

Yes, this is different than traditional branding. Let me help you get out there while maximizing your time.

Crisis Management

First things first, I am NOT a lawyer, but I have substantial experience navigating legal minefields and can give insight into likely legal issues, challenges, and strategy for new initiatives or business changes.

Financial Management

Ooo… this is my JAM! Show me the money! Let’s optimize cash flow, costs, profit margins, and operations to maximize revenue and minimize expense.

Awards, Memberships, and Associations

Mayor’s Business Awards Young Small Business Person of the Year, 2019

BBB Business Torch Awards for Ethics – Business of the Year, 2018

BBB Business Torch Awards for Ethics – Business of the Year, 2018

Pacific Business Edge Young Professional of the Year, 2016

MINDBODY Visionary Award Winner 2018

MINDBODY Visionary Award Winner, 2018

Women's Council of Entrepreneurs

Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs

International Book Award Finalist

International Book Awards Finalist, 2023

International Book Awards Finalist

International Book Awards Finalist, 2023

Amazon best selling co-author

Amazon Best Selling Co-Author, 2022 & 2023