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Hi I’m Amanda…

For over 20 years I have helped businesses in all aspects from start-up to sale, restructuring to reinvention. Branding, marketing, organization, if you need help with it, I’m your woman. As a small business owner, multi-preneur, and sole parent, I know the value of time—your company’s, your family’s, your goals’—and I specialize on making it happen. I see all the parts that make-up your unique business and I have the experience, creativity, and gumption to understand what is going on below the surface of an issue and see you get where you want to go efficiently.

Amanda Furgiuele

About Amanda

Amanda Furgiuele is a single mother, multiple-business owner and entrepreneur, international performer, elite athlete, and an expert in creative problem solving and time management. She challenges her clients to stop making excuses and start making progress through innovative solutions to even the most mundane problems.


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