“Amanda and the AF Consulting Team are my go-to folks for holistic professionals who are ready to scale their businesses. Amanda is an extremely intelligent, competent, and ethical business owner. I am honored to have her in my world! A+++”

Barbra Portzline
Barbra Portzline

“If anyone is reading this and thinking about working with a business coach, do it! Amanda is amazing!!! We’ve been working together for a few months now and I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

“Let me explain why she is wonderful: when it comes to doing market research in any area, helping to tailor a plan to help your business thrive, and to make you feel like a person, she is literally the best. If I could keep her all to myself, I would. She has so many resources and ideas and is really willing to make your business work. She is choosy as to who she works with, so good luck snagging her. I feel lucky that I did.

Amanda has turned my business around from a hobby to a living. That’s the big of it. Listen, make more money, understand how, and thrive. Amanda gets you there.”

“Amanda is amazing! I had a Facebook issue with my business page that I could not get solved on my own and I reached out to her and she worked through the whole problem and now I’m back in business!! I’ve known Amanda for over 10 years and every interaction I’ve ever had with her has always been highly professional and she has run more than one successful business. And along the way she sprinkles in a wonderful sense of humor to keep things in perspective while “getting it done.” I value her work ethic, integrity, positive energy, and “no-nonsense” approach and she is someone that I trust, which to me is invaluable. If you need help with your business, she will definitely help you up- level. I highly recommend her for any business needs you may have!

Amanda really knows how to build and sustain a business…actually…multiple businesses at the same time! She is very savvy and also has authored several books and she can help your business thrive!”

“Amanda is incredible! I’m not sure how I could have started anything without her–from opening to promotions to marketing and lead generation, Amanda can do it all! Worth every penny and then some!”

Waikapu Danceworks

“Amanda has been instrumental in not only establishing my business but also helping to plan key marketing strategies for my expansion. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to get started or expanding into new opportunities.”

Jason Wulf
Jason Wulf, Owner, Wulf Handyman & Renovations

“I would recommend Amanda over and over again for the great teaching experience she’s provided.”

Renae Lani Anderson
Renae Lani Anderson, Shaper, Honolua Underground

“Amanda is an energetic and enthusiastic individual. I find that she has an intrinsic drive to find unique ways and methods of living her life and she spreads that desire for original thought to everyone she comes in contact with. Amanda is passionate and approachable – she infects those around her with the same zealous energy that flows through her. Incredibly intelligent and insightful, with a discerning eye, she is a strategic thinker who always follows through on even the most challenging projects. I have had the pleasure to work with her on multiple ventures for more than a decade and I am continually impressed with her precise execution and attention to detail.”

Shannon Curley
Shannon Curley, Senior Managing Director, Business Consulting at JLL

“It was a pleasure to work with Amanda. Not only did she effectively and quickly help me de-clutter 20 years-worth of “stuff” that had accumulated in my office, she was unbelievably efficient and motivating. I am still in shock at how much we accomplished in our weekly 2-hour get-togethers. Amanda is able to zero in on exactly WHAT needs to be done; HOW to do it, and, she got it done well within the time frame.”

Suzanne Gabbay
Suzanne Gabbay

“I would not have started my business without Amanda. She helped me through every step of the process. She not only pushed me to find the confidence needed to actually go through with it, she also coached me through the paperwork, guided me in figuring out my brand, and showed me how to expand my clientele. She has offered her expertise and a motivational kick in the butt through every step of the creation and growth of my business. This woman is a force! Amanda would be an asset to any and every business. She can tackle any project and overcome any obstacle. She helped me to hone my lifetime of knowledge into an incredibly profitable and rewarding business and I will forever be grateful.”

Felicia Chernicki-Wulf, Owner, Felicia Chernicki-Wulf, LLC and Co-Founder, Cabaret & Cocktails
Felicia Chernicki-Wulf, Owner, Felicia Chernicki-Wulf, LLC and Co-Founder, Cabaret & Cocktails

“Working with Amanda helped me first learn the options available for my movement business and then she followed up with providing avenues for success.”

Beth Russell, Owner, JBR Life Movement, LLC
Beth Russell, Owner, JBR Life Movement, LLC

“I brought Amanda on to help facilitate a company restructuring and instead got a complete company renovation. Her ideas were altogether brilliant, refreshing, annoying (yes, extremely), and innovative. Our leadership team is working together better than ever and we have already seen an increase in revenue.  I will forever be grateful for Amanda’s coaching and continue to consult her on all our future concerns.”

Scott Kellar

“Amanda has been a true inspiration for me throughout the past decade that I’ve known and worked with her. She possesses the unicorn-like combination of wild, limitless creativity and precise execution of every detail, unrelenting determination and a kind, generous heart, all with a wickedly clever sense of humor sprinkled on top!”

Jessica Baker, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers
Jessica Baker, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers

“In the earlier days of growing JBR LIFE Media, Amanda was quick to help me iron out a few business structure and value concepts. I put her advice to the test, which has proven itself valuable, time and again!”

Jonathon Russell, Owner, JBR LIFE Media
Jonathon Russell, Owner, JBR LIFE Media

“Because of you, Amanda, I can become a leader who understands that all of the grit and hard work requires a foundation of heartfelt integrity.”

Katherine Walker
Katherine Walker, Founding Director, Batten Leadership Institute

“Amanda is a POWERHOUSE, not only is she super intelligent, with a wide array of knowledge, OCD in a positive way and a strategic thinker she is also an action taker. Amanda always gets results far past the imagined outcome of her (victims LOL), clientele. I would highly recommend Amanda to businesses who want and are ready to excel!”