Minimalist Office Must-Haves

Minimalist Office Must-Haves

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My Favorite Things for a Clean, Organized, and Minimalist Office Space

In my not-so-former life, I owned a home and office organizing business. Oh, how I love cleaning out the clutter and leaving beautiful, organized, pristine shelves and drawers. I’m completely obsessed with it! Who doesn’t love a good “before” and “after” shot?

Since the onset of Covid, more and more of my clients were forced to stay home and actually “work” in those terribly cramped and hectic home office spaces. Lucky for me, this became a fun and busy time for me to help them declutter, re-evaluate their needs, and finally get the offices they craved and needed.

In all that chaos, I have found a few items that really work in almost every office condition, or that I have used over and over again, myself, to keep the endless paperwork and clutter contained. I am generally a less-is-more kind of girl, so these items have really hit home for me. They’re not flashy, but they are super-functional:

Sticky Note Divider Tabs

I am old-school, which includes my near-archaic use of a traditional day planner. Everything in that bad boy is color coded and mapped out to practically the seconds. Of course, after I had a kid, this perfect system has had a LOT of adjusting and there are larger time chunks added in for things like the length of time it takes me to get a small human just to put on his shoes, but I digress. I love a good sticky note and have millions everywhere with ideas jotted down on everything from dinner ideas to SEO to market research. It’s probably the only disorder you’ll see in my office, but it makes sense to me. Sometimes ideas come so fast that if I don’t write them down immediately, I’ll get too consumed in what’s happening on “Blaze and the Monster Machines” that I’ll completely forget. These sticky dividers are awesome in my planner and give plenty of room for all my random ideas.

There is nothing more annoying that a tangle of electronic cords. I hate looking at them. I hate fumbling through them. I hate tripping on them. I hate cleaning little dust bunnies off of them. If I could wire everything behind the actual wall, I would! But sometimes you actually have to have cords. Sigh. When that’s the case, I use these handy helpers:

I know I seem like a total looney, but I take my cord fastening very seriously.

All the storage! How do I even have so many cords? I love these cord organizers for all the ridiculous little manuals, cords, cables, earphones, and flash drives I have lying around. Bonus, they are great for business travel! Just keep in mind that TSA will always check them by hand—very annoying, but isn’t that part of their job?

I get a sick, tingling pleasure from opening my desk drawer to find perfectly organized boxes of office supplies. It’s weird, but wonderful. These clear, plastic dividers keep everything in its place without the jumbled mess. Love!

Bigso John Box Desktop File

Ok, like I said, not the most glamorous or flashy items, but if you have a business, there’s going to be paperwork and I love this little file cabinet. I can keep it right by my desk (or on it) for the items I use all the time, or current client projects, without the giant, clunky filing cabinet destroying my office Zen.

Amazon Basics Expanding Organizer File Folder

Am I the only one who likes organizing this much? Maybe, but these little lovely file folders are wonderful for tracking daily logs and financials! I even choose a theme color every December so I can color code the entire year’s financials and paperwork for the following January. I’m like a kid picking out school supplies for the first time! I know, I’m disgusting!

Nulaxy Adjustable Phone Stand

I do a ridiculous amount of work from my phone, as do we all, and this handy phone stand allows me to take a call or even join a video conference on-the-go, while still allowing me free hands for note taking. It’s sturdy, adjustable, and hasn’t fallen over once (yet).

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’ll admit I was skeptical about these. Didn’t I get Lasik to avoid wearing glasses ever again? But long, long hours at the computer have left my eyes tired and these glasses really helped reduce the glare and eye-redness.

Ok, ok, so having an oil diffuser isn’t an office necessity for everyone, but I truly appreciate being able to grab some oils and focus. Yes, I use essential oils, but I wouldn’t consider myself an “oil person” in that I know very little, and use them mostly for the lovely scent rather than their medicinal purposes. Either way, these two diffusers are not only very sleek, but also long-lasting. I absolutely adore the Vitruvi, but the portable nature (and price) of the AromaAllure makes it a favorite, too.

Another less-than-necessary indulgence, but I abhor lukewarm coffee. It has to be either fires-of-hell hot or iced. There can be no middle ground.

Sooez Plastic Zipper Pouches

Oh, zipper pouches, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I cannot get enough of these. The first time I ordered them was actually a mistake, but I will not go back. Perfect for travel or quick organizing…projects, media, checks…I can and do literally use these for everything. I even make little car and purse organizing kits with them. Not exclusively office, I’ll admit, but very useful!

And just because I can’t resist, here are a few before and afters for your viewing pleasure!!!

Minimalist Office Must-Haves
Minimalist Office Must-Haves

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