5 Creative Ways to Go Virtual for Your Holiday Party

5 Creative Ways to Go Virtual for Your Holiday Party

5 Creative Ways to Go Virtual for Your Holiday Party

Is it just me or is everything virtual these days? Meetings, networking events, and yes, even holiday parties can be held virtually. The key to hosting a successful company event, virtually, is to think outside the box a little bit and remember that the reason you have an event like this is to honor and celebrate your team.

Keeping that in mind, here are some fun and creative ideas to add oomph to a virtual holiday party:

  1. Get personal. I say this a lot, but when you can’t be there in person, it’s even more important that your event include personalization. Just after Covid, I was celebrating my birthday alone and a group of my friends had a craft cocktail kit and specialty dessert hand-delivered to my door, along with my favorite pizza before a quick zoom. Now, I know we are all getting a little “zoomed out” at this point, but that is the perfect example of making an online event more personal. To give this a work spin, organize a Secret Santa with your normal budget, but give everyone a prepaid mailing label to have the gift sent before a scheduled Zoom party. Have food delivered. Get personal!
  2. Add something extra. Yes, you could host another fun-filled hour of mindless chitchat, or you could organize a special guest speaker or event for all your participants. Maybe a craft cocktail or cooking class could be arranged. Or a holiday-themed contest (like a virtual White Elephant gift exchange or costume contest or best virtual background contest). There are so many options now for virtual parties! Take advantage of the mass shift that has happened in the last couple of years!
  3. Keep with tradition. Do you remember how excited you were when Show-and-Tell came around in Kindergarten? You can recreate that same feeling by hosting a Holiday Traditions Show-and-Tell over Zoom. Everyone has a random tradition (religious or otherwise) that brings a smile to their faces, so why not share that love and excitement with everyone? Even if the tradition is to watch Die Hard and eat Cheetos, there’s a place for that in your company party. Moreover, this creates the perfect opportunity to get to know your team and share in their seasonal cheer.
  4. Co-create. Whether it’s a company playlist or a company project, getting your team to work together on anything fun is a great idea to boost morale and connection. Facilitating these opportunities to connect in even a small way will make having a virtual party less depressing or disappointing (and yes, virtual parties can be ho-hum in comparison to company retreats of old).
  5. Go the distance, together. Who says social distancing has to include Zoom? If your employees have opted to maintain social distancing, but still technically live near one another (hello small businesses), then consider doing something as a group, but not in a group. Is there a local light show or a particular neighborhood with spectacular decorations? Why not organize a group caravan to enjoy these together, from the safety of your separate vehicles?

Though many companies are back to “business as usual,” there are still some that prefer to keep their distance, and that’s ok. If the group consensus is social distancing, you can still have a good time and make your team feel special, even if you can’t celebrate together, physically.

Happy holidays!

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